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Useful parent support links for website - social stories to explain to children what is happening and to help support 

Kids struggling with being home / bored / getting angry

Kids worried about going outside

Story about Coronavirus

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Sources of support

Other sources of support are:

Mindline Somerset 
– 01823 276892 –
Open every evening (8pm-11pm)
For support with mental health. Outside of these hours you will have the option of being connected to another support service.
For online support and details of support groups and signposting to other services.
Mind office Taunton – 01823 334906
A charity supporting the mental health needs of children and young people.  Suggestions on how to support a young person along with an area for parents.
If your child is under 5 you can seek support from your health visitor.
The Somerset children and young people health and wellbeing website can offer support in the form of online advice.  There is a particularly good positive parenting guide pdf which has been issued by the NSPCC and gives tips on how to support your child through safe boundary setting.
Offers advice with some useful links on things you can do.

Remember, when it all gets tricky and your child’s emotions explode:

Very Angry:
Stay calm. Stay safe. Walk away if possible and try to wait until you are both calm.

Frustrated, tense, but in control:
Try saying to your child: ‘I can see that you're angry/upset' 'I understand that this might be difficult for you' 'I understand when you did x this made you feel...'

It might be good to ask questions like 'What happened there?' 'How did you feel?' Make sure they know that you still love and care about them and let them talk about what's going on.

It is important for your child to know that the emotions are fine and normal, it is maybe how they are choosing to express them which is not.  For example, it is OK to feel angry but it is NOT OK to hurt others.


Support for Parents - Dealing with Anxiety

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The Sedgemoor Parenting Network

http://www. sedgemoorparentingnetwork

How can you help your children to stay safe online?
Find useful advice and support here:

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