Please have fun browsing all these hyperlinks to find ways you can help your child/children develop a love of Maths.
Maths is everywhere and exciting!

As parents, we all learnt Maths in specific ways but at school today we play with numbers, investigate them, reason with them and have to prove an answer by explaining how we get our answers!

So, how can you best help your child?

Have a look at these ways and bring Maths to life in everyday life…it really doesn’t have to be arduous, so have a look at these handy hints and help your child improve their Maths skills.

Please also find fantastic Apps, download them on to your own tablet and let them have 10 minutes solving the challenges they may bring. Let us know when you find one which your child loves playing and we can pass it on!

Make Many Magical Maths Moments!

Every Day Numeracy - Counting
Every Day Numeracy - Cover
Every Day Numeracy - Measuring
Every Day Numeracy - Number Games
Every Day Numeracy - Other Ideas
Every Day Numeracy - Sequencing
Every Day Numeracy - Shopping
Every Day Numeracy - Sorting and Matching
Every Day Numeracy - Time
Every Day Numeracy - Using Numbers Around Us
North Newton Calculation Policy Addition and Subtraction
North Newton Calculation Policy Multiplication and Division

Helpful prompt sheets to help your child improve their Number skills in Maths

Stage 0 - Prompt Sheet
Stage 1 - Prompt Sheet
Stage 2 - Prompt Sheet
Stage 3 - Prompt Sheet
Stage 4 - Prompt Sheet
Stage 5 - Prompt Sheet
Stage 6 - Prompt Sheet

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