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Click here for Activity Sheet Natural or Man-Made Rocks
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for Squirrels French 13th May

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for Squirrels French wc 20th April
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Struggling with ideas for writing? 

Click onto and enjoy a writing stimulus - different every day!

There are ace ideas, images, questions...and if you don't like the image of the day...choose a different's that simple.
Brilliant for Stop Drop and Write ideas....please remember your punctuation and handwriting. Use a dictionary to uplevel too.
Good Luck and happy writing!

'Daily' Maths tasks - some have been asking about Maths - feeling like you are not doing it right? feeling your child isn't doing enough? feeling it is all a bit too much? It is not a problem - I imagine many are feeling the same - hopefully, this will help.We really do not wish to overload you, please keep it simple.

Firstly, Power Maths have moved the location of the Practice Books - however...Mrs Tucker has brilliantly tracked them down -  what a star!
Please only do a section at a time & then why not try out the BBC Bitesize Maths - the daily challenges are is not meant to be too much of a burden, but keep doing a bit of Maths each day will help you when we all return to normal. 

The White Rose tasks (the hyperlink is also here on the page) are also good too - they will help too. 

Some parents have asked me to suggest what to really focus on - you may feel there is so much...then number  (the 4 operations) & measure.  
Why not give your child/ren a ruler (tape measure for curvy lines, ruler for up to 30cm, and if you have a big tape measure in the garage....measure things (it really doesn't matter what they measure!) Plants, your lawn, blades of grass...long and short things will help with accuracy.
When watering plants - measure out an (agreed) amount of water...I don't want to get the blame for killing plants! 
Cooking pasta - measure out an amount for each person, weigh the plates and cutlery....
It will all help & making it fun and practical will help. 

There are loads of other ideas in the Maths section on this website.
We hope this stated at the top - please keep it simple.

Year 3 & 4 - Squirrels

Dear parents & pupils...BBC Bitesize have sorted loads of great activities to try out - all subjects - all ages...
Click here to see what you can find!

Class Newsletters

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Click here for Coronavirus Booklet for Children
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for Squirrels Timetable 2019-2020
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Click here for Squirrels 2020 Information for parents multiplication tables check
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Please click on this to access FREE Maths home learning!

Power Maths online is available - daily lessons! Enjoy - click on the link...

This is for computer coding resources have released a set of resources that can help with Computing at home. Here is the link (
The Hour of Code tutorials ( are great and most are accessible for the children to follow independently (age dependent). 

Audible is currently offering their kids section free during closures. A lovely link to share with year groups or use at home.


Year 4 Summer 3B

Year 4 Summer 3A

Year 4 Spring 2B

Year 4 Spring 2A

Year 4 Autumn 1a

Year 3 Autumn 1b

Year 4 Autumn 1b

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Please also refer to information in the 'English' and 'Home Learning Zone' sections to find out how you can help your child at home.


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