Curriculum - Hedgehogs Class

Hedgehogs home learning - Week beginning 25/1/21

Hello Hedgehogs and parents!

We hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

We are delighted with how well SeeSaw is working – we think this is a brilliant record of all the work you are doing at home. Thank you for being so supportive of its trial and implementation.

Our class Zoom will be on Tuesday (link at bottom of letter). This week, if your child feels brave enough, we would like them to share a joke! When the children sit together at lunchtime in school, they usually tell each other really funny jokes – this may help to remind them of this happy time.

Here are the plans for the next 5 days. They take a very similar format to last week, but I have stripped the plans back as so many parents were relaying that there is a lot of work to cover and the majority of families have more than one child to support. As Mr Arnold said in this week’s update – ‘prioritise Maths and English and if you manage some of the ‘other’ activities – great’.

We have put our suggested timetable on to the end of this letter as last week. I have changed the afternoon session to ‘Other’. This is when you might like to access the activities on Seesaw but that doesn’t have to be in the afternoon, just when it suits you as a family. I am still learning to use Seesaw myself, so I apologise if occasionally there is a problem with some of the activities I upload. The activities I set will be found in your child’s journal not in ‘activities’.

Do continue to upload the children’s work into Seesaw/Facebook or continue to record in green books- whichever is easiest for you.

Remember to contact us if you need us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will be making phone calls on Thursday morning.

Stay safe everyone,

Mrs Crow and Mrs Adams

Phonics: Prioritise
Here is the link : Daily phonics lessons
Each day, please visit the phonics website and continue to look at the lessons corresponding to the correct date, starting with Monday 25th January ‘Lesson 16 ‘long oo moon’. Please also practise key/tricky words as frequently as possible.

Maths: Prioritise
Here is the link: 3D shape: identifying and sorting

Over the next 5 days, we would like you to look at lessons 1- 5 in this unit.

Knowledge of the World: Optional
Here is the link : Habitats
This week we would like you to find out what the word ‘habitat’ means and explore some different animal habitats.

Music: Optional
Here is the link: Habitats  The Woodland (Part 1)









Phonics Lesson 16 OO moon

Phonics Lesson 17 Short oo book

Phonics Lesson 18 ar car

Phonics Lesson 19 or horn

Phonics Lesson 20 Review the week.

Wake and Shake!

Do the Yeti!

Wake and Shake!

I've got this feeling...

Wake and Shake!

I've gotta feeling

Wake and Shake!

Wake up, shake up!

Wake and Shake!

Do the 'Maxarena'

Maths Lesson 1

3D Shape


Maths Lesson 2

3D Shape

Zoom 11.30am

Maths Lesson 3

3D Shape

Maths Lesson 4

3D Shape

Maths Lesson 5

3D Shape







Understanding the world


You will need your favourite Teddy!

Outdoor time
Go on a hunt outside for some natural objects for your Teddy bear’s habitat.

Habitats - What makes a good habitat?

An empty box
Items to make a habitat

Habitats 3

You will need
Safety knife

Outdoor Time
Can you spot some animal tracks out and about where you live?


Seesaw activities

We will put different ones on each day. We will also repeat the Tricky words activities so we can hear how children are doing with these.

Seesaw activities

Seesaw activities

Seesaw activities

Seesaw activities



Read every day x 10 minutes+ at a time & add to reading log. Practise tricky word bookmarks (and key word cards if your child has been given them – these will be distributed in the latter half of the Autumn term).

Use Oxford Owl website to access online reading ‘ebooks’. All books are banded by colour. Your child will (with support) be able to access all lilac and pink banded ebooks. Some books your child can choose to listen to rather than read but not all books have this option. The ebooks can be accessed on any tablet or laptop. Go to and click ‘My Class Login’ at the top of the page.

Log in: Hedgehogsnn
Password: Prickles1
Go to ‘My Bookshelf’ and you can access the eBook library.
Please also go through the ‘Sound story’ and grapheme correspondences (sent home w/b 19.10.20) and number rhymes daily. Children will need to practise the correct letter formation. This is best done using a whiteboard and pen (mistakes can be removed very quickly!) or in pencil on lined paper.

All other EYFS learning goals:
Access the Government online teaching classroom - Oak National Academy -
In event of a closure I will share the starting point you need to begin at for each year group by way of a link. Please follow the lessons online. They are in the form of daily videos with lessons/activities presented by teachers.

Please visit these phonics sites to play Phase 2 and 3 games. There are lots of interactive games to help your child improve their phonic skills – recognition of tricky words, blending 2 and 3 letter words and longer sentences. We have played these games in school so they will be familiar.

’Mini-mash’ can be found here:
A great online resource for children – they each have their own log in card (glued into front of reading log). Children can use this to access a range of fun activities – don’t forget to save your work in your tray! I will ‘pin’ suggested learning activities at the top the home page. These will give the children lots of arty and crafty online activities to complete.
Text Box: BBC Bitesize has some really useful facts, games, videos and quizzes which will be fun for your child to access. Use the link below and have fun exploring them!

Reading for pleasure! See the list below for 50 hot picks for reception!

Online stories - Many famous American actors sharing stories for young children. There are lots to choose from and they are completely free to enjoy.




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